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Andante Inspirational Arpeggios
  • Andante Inspirational Arpeggios



    The "Andante" is our first volume of inspirational and emotional MIDI arpeggios, designed for slower tempo, to help you kick start your project and produce your big hits!  It gives you easy access to inspirational ideas in all 12 major keys and 12 minor keys.  Just drap-and-drop into any DAW, and you get instant motivation and inspiration to write your next big hit.  You can easily combine ideas, even chord progressions together and make it your own.

    All files are clearly labelled with keys and numbered for your convenience.  They are organized in their respective key folders, makes it easier for you to find and build your melody lines, to form complex ideas, and match the chord MIDI files from our other collection with ease and efficiency!  Great song in only seconds!  

    Check out our other packs and collection, to give you great ease and efficient composing workflow, instant inspiration, and let you focus your effort in creative writing.

    • Package includes:

      • MIDI files that are compatible with all DAWs
      • All arpeggios in this package are designed for slower tempo
      • MIDI files are made for the 12 major keys and 12 minor keys
      • 480 MIDI files are all labelled and organized in respective key folders
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